Emilio Pavanello is born in Verona (Italy) in May 1993
He starts to play the piano in 2006 under prof. Francesco De Marco, at the age of 14.
In 2007 he starts his first year at Verona's Conservatory under prof. Corrado De Innocentiis and, in the meantime, privately under prof. Giuliana Corni (2008-2009).
In 2010, thanks to a proposal of Maestro Franco Scala, he decides to enter in Trento's Conservatory under prof. Antonella Costa.
In 2013 he starts his Erasmus experience at the Royal Conservatory of Bruxelles under prof. Piet Kuijken. He works also with prof. Herman Stinders (harpsichord teacher).
In 2014 he succeeds his Final Bechelor Exam with maximum votation, Laude and Honor Mention in Trento's Conservatory. In the same year he starts his Master in Bruxelles, under prof. Piet Kuijken. During 2015 he receives some lessons from Maestro Leonid Margarius and, in the beginning of 2016, he starts to receive private lessons from Maestro Vitaly Samoshko.
In 2017 he succeeds his Final Master Diploma in Bruxelles with Great Distinction and proceeds his studies privately under Maestro V.Samoshko until June 2018. From July 2017 he starts a year-long Chamber Music collaboration with some musicians from the Bavarian Radio Orchestra. During the year 2018-2019 studies under Maestro Alessandro Taverna. He is currently studying under Maestro Leonid Margarius.

He took part in Masterclasses where worked with musicians such as:
Matteo Valerio (2007), Gian Antonio Mutto (2007), Lidia Baldecchi Arcuri (2008-2009), Andrea Turini (2010), Roberto Cominati (2011), Riccardo Risaliti (2012), Arabel Moraguez (2012-2014), Anna Bogdanova (2013), Dini Ciacci (2013), Filippo Gamba (2013), George Kern (2013), Rèti Bàlasz (2013), Rasa Biveiniene Yakutyte (2013-2014) , Alexander Meinel (2013-2014), Oleg Marshev (2014), Leonid Margarius (2015), Virgilio Pavarana (2017), Roberto Cappello (2018).



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